Motorcyclist's headcam catches near miss with oncoming car

Motorcyclist in Shock After Close Call With Oncoming Car

A young American motorcyclist has caught an uncomfortably near miss with an approaching car on his helmet cam.

Youtube user Aritweets shared the video of the incident, which took place while riding his Triumph Daytona 675R behind another biker along a vast road near to Elizabeth Lake in Los Angeles County, California.

Claiming to have been fixating on the central yellow lines, instead of where he was going, he understeered on a sweeping bend and crossed onto the other side of the road.

In an unlucky coincidence, a white saloon was approaching on the otherwise-empty opposite carriageway just at that moment, and as the motorcyclist spotted the car he began to panic.

The resulting near miss is so breathtakingly close that the motovlogger was left in shock, repeatedly cursing as he rode on.

The video has been viewed over 11,000 times since it was uploaded to Youtube a month ago.

Commenters have questioned the rider's ability, although he denies being a novice and claims to have been riding for six years.