Patent reveals Dyson's electric car intentions


A patent has revealed British technology company Dyson's electric car intentions.

The documents reveal that the firm is working on a solid-state battery, which would provide cars with enough energy to travel further than those currently available.

It is another move that has given some indication as to the company's development, following on from its purchase of a large battery company last year.

Professor David Greenwood, from Warwick University, told The Guardian: "Dyson have some excellent product engineering and some excellent marketing skills, so could they follow the same path as Tesla? Well, yes, probably they could.

"The challenges of entering the automotive industry are absolutely not to be underestimated.

"But at least with an electric vehicle the barriers to entry are a bit lower that for an internal combustion engine vehicle [because] the latter have some horrendously complex legislation to meet around emissions, for instance, which are simply not a problem for electric vehicles as they do not have noxious emissions."

It is reported that Dyson is spending around £1 billion on developing the technology, with the idea of launching its own electric car somewhere in the near future.

It will go up against Tesla, who is currently experiencing huge successes in the automotive sector. Its recently-announced Model X has been heavily in demand, with thousands registering to buy the all-electric vehicle.

It will also face competition from Apple, who is reportedly working on an electric vehicle too. The tech giant has recently recruited members of Tesla's team to work on their own vehicle.