Driverless tram crashes into biker parade in Kazakhstan

Runaway Tram Crashes into Bikers

A group of bikers narrowly avoided serious injury after a runaway tram crashed through their parade in Kazakhstan.

The riders were out to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Germany in the Second World War.

However, as they had been told that the roads would be clear, none of them checked for an oncoming tram. As it approaches, few are aware of the impending collision. It crashes heavily into the rider of a red motorcycle, who is thrown to the floor.

It is reported that although the road was meant to be closed, the tram had broken free from its tow and slid out-of-control towards the unsuspecting riders.

The country has acknowledged the event every year since 1991, when it first gained independence.

Thankfully, despite the heavy impact, none of those involved were seriously injured. The footage is reported to have come from 2014, but has only recently surfaced online.