Amazing time lapse video shows Lightweight E-Type build


Photo credit: Stratstone
An amazing time lapse video has shown the amount of effort that goes into the creation of Jaguar's revived Lightweight E-Type.

The British car maker recently announced that it would be finishing a production run that first began in 1963. Originally planned to be a run of 18 cars, that number fell to 12 after six were destroyed. Therefore, Jaguar decided to build the remaining cars to the original specification.

With a straight-six engine under the bonnet, the car is being sold as a true original, rather than a recreation. However, given its limited numbers the Lightweight E-Type commands a fearsome asking price of £1 million.

Utilising a full aluminium body, the E-Type is exceptionally light, as well as being period-exact and race-ready.

Jaguar even utilised tooling methods from the 1960s to maintain the car's authenticity. It is even fully compliant with FIA rules, making it able to compete in historic motor racing.