Russian digger driver rams cars and gets beaten up


A Russian digger driver definitely didn't have the best of days after his erratic driving sent his utility vehicle smashing into parked cars and the furious drivers took it upon themselves to enact revenge.

A video of the incident, which reportedly took place in September 2012, has since surfaced and is receiving a significant amount of attention on social media.

As the heavy vehicle travels down a road lined with parked cars in the city of Barnaul, it suddenly veers off to the right, hitting three cars and pushing a fourth into a fifth.

Removing the conspicuous vehicle – which now appear to have a flat front tyre – from the mess, the driver then steers towards the other side of the road, and collides with a large van, pushing it into another, and that into a Corsa.

Furious onlookers, thought to be the cars' owners, run over to the digger and rain punches on the stupefied driver, attempting to drag him from the cab.

His slow responses and poor driving led to many believing that he is drunk.

A passenger meanwhile climbs out of the digger, appearing to also be angry with the blue-shirted driver.