Man on tractor smashes up cars in China

Tractor driver smashes up cars

An out-of-control tractor driver has been filmed smashing up cars on a road in China's Gansu Province.

The footage, captured on a mobile phone in the city of Jiuquan, shows as the man sits atop the green tractor and uses it to push cars around the road, repeatedly ramming into them.

A red saloon takes the brunt of the attack, before the man moves on to attacking another vehicle further down the road, all the while towing a long trailer behind the tractor.

Following in the wake of the tractor, the person filming shows the severe damage to the cars, before catching the moment he smashes into another vehicle close by.

The rampage reportedly took place last Saturday after the driver was involved in a dispute with his father.

Luckily no one was hurt in the incident, and police are said to now be investigating.