Good Samaritan stops child from joyriding in bus

Man Saves The Day By Stopping Bus After 12-Year-Old Took It On Joyride

A Good Samaritan is being applauded after bringing an end to a child's dangerous school bus joyride.

John St Germain was a passenger in a car behind the bus in Maine, USA, when he noticed that it was being driven poorly.

Instructing the woman who was driving to follow it, he got out his mobile phone and began to film.

As the bus's manoeuvres become increasingly erratic, the pair frantically debated what to do. Their minds were made up when they noticed that the driver was just a young boy.

In the footage he shot, the boy eventually pulls over at a set of traffic lights after St. Germain reaches across and beeps the horn – much to the driver's annoyance.

Jumping on to the bus, which the child is believed to have stolen from a nearby depot, St. German grabs the steering wheel and applies the brake, while the child casually saunters off.