Environmentalist launches car created from hemp

My Way Or The High-Way: Environmentalist Makes 'Green' Cannabis Car
A sports car enthusiast has gone to extreme lengths to produce a super green car – by building it from cannabis hemp.

Florida resident Bruce Dietzen built his 'Green cannabis car' prototype after investigating the benefits of using 3-ply cannabis hemp in place of fibreglass or steel for the vehicle's bodywork.

With a Mazda Mx-5 convertible chassis as a base, around 100 pounds of hemp went into the production of the shell, which makes it a lot lighter than either of the aforementioned materials.

Not only does it weigh less, but the innovative material is also 10 times more dent resistant then steel.

Reportedly, Henry Ford experimented with hemp as a bodywork material and fuel in the 1940s, developing a hemp car which was three times greener than today's electric vehicles.

Dietzin estimates that building the striking red sports car cost him $200,000 - around £140,000 – while he lost a similar figure in earnings due to being out of work.