Driver with just three years' experience saves slide on M61


Photo credit: xNand
A driver who had been driving for just three years pulled off a miraculous save after his car aquaplaned on the Salford-bound M61.

Sadiq Rahman lost control of his BMW in heavy rain while travelling at around 70mph, with his mother, sister and wife on board.

What is even more incredible is where Rahman learnt how to correct the slide – from driving video games. He told the Daily Mail: "I've never crashed before and after driving for three years and playing racing games in the past, instinctively I knew to steer into the skid.

"I was not speeding and I have decent tyres on the car so I was able to pull it around and then I looked behind me and there was just a queue of cars waiting for me to carry on."

Rahman added that his wife said to him afterward that "she knew I would pull it back."