Video shows Civic Type R horror crash on the Nurburgring


Despite it having thwarted even the best racing drivers, the Nurburgring is a bucket list track for petrolheads worldwide.

However, there's reason behind the infamous track's Green Hell moniker and each year it claims thousands of cars, from the humble hatchback to the turbocharged supercar.

The latest victim of the 'Ring was a third generation Civic Type R, after its driver lost control coming round a corner and careered into the barrier.

Unfortunately, the front-wheel-drive hatch didn't stop there, flipping four times through the air before eventually coming to a rest upright on the grass verge.

As similarly sized vehicles pull to a halt around the Type R, the driver and passenger are seen clambering from the wreck, appearing to be remarkably unscathed.

The car, however, is damaged beyond repair, with a smashed windscreen and extensive damage to the bodywork.