Range Rover covered in angry messages spotted in London


A nearly-new Range Rover has been daubed with angry messages written by a scorned lover, it would appear.

The 16-plate model was spotted parked outside Harrods in central London yesterday. Messages of 'Cheater', 'It's over' and 'Hope she was worth it!' were scrawled across the white bodywork in a bright red paint.

At less than six months old, the Revere-spec Range Rover would have cost more than £75,000 new, so the angry partner's revenge would no doubt be a pricey one.

Twitter user 'kloidaaa' who shared a number of photographs of the vehicle claims to have seen a woman spray-painting the car.

"I have no idea who she was - she was just going crazy,' she commented. "No one tried to stop her. She just left afterwards."

However, other bystanders believe the graffiti'd Range Rover may be part of a publicity stunt.

A doorman at Harrods told the Standard newspaper that the car had arrived outside the Knightsbridge store with the graffiti already on it.

"A young bloke got out the car, went for a cup of tea and then left again," he said.

"I think it was a hoax to be honest. Everybody has been talking about it and there were lots of people crowding around and taking photographs of it."

Range Rover covered in angry messages spotted in London

Range Rover covered in angry messages spotted in London

Interestingly, if it was a publicity stunt, it was remarkably similar to another from a couple of years ago on the other side of the Pond.

In an effort to promote the new Bravo TV show, 'Girlfriends' guide to divorce', a number of expensive Porsches were driven around Manhattan on the back of flatbed trucks, with similarly brutal comments written on them.