Motorcyclist catches driver asleep at traffic lights

Driver Falls Asleep Waiting for Red Light

A dozy driver received an abrupt wake up call recently after falling asleep at a set of traffic lights.

A motorcyclist, who recorded the embarrassing incident on his helmet-mounted camera, was waiting behind the Chevrolet HHR when it failed to move off after the lights changed.

Despite the biker repeatedly beeping his horn, the burnt orange car remained motionless, with its brake lights illuminated, and left indicator flashing.

As the motorcyclist pulls alongside the car, a woman's voice is heard saying: "there's something wrong with him, it looks like." However a few taps from the biker awakes the driver from his stupor, and without even a sideways glance he puts his foot down and speeds off.

The exact location of the incident is unknown, however judging by the vehicles' number plates, it would appear to have taken place in Florida.