Car technology expert worries that sex in driverless cars will become the next safety hazard

Sex Behind the Driver-less Wheel Could be the Next Safety Hazard

An expert in car technology has an unusual worry regarding driver safety.

Barry Kirk, head of the Canadian automated vehicles centre of excellence, has revealed his concern that new semi-autonomous systems in vehicles – such as Tesla's autopilot – could lull drivers into a false sense of security, and lead to them performing questionable actions behind the wheel.

One of such scenarios is the likelihood of motorists engaging in sexual activity while leaving the control of the vehicle up to the onboard computer.

Speaking to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Kirk said: "I am predicting that once computers are doing the driving there will be a lot more sex in cars."

However, while semi-autonomous cars can navigate on simple road systems, they are not completely competent on the road and can require the driver to take over control at any point.

An estimate by Google is that the average semi-autonomous vehicle driver takes 17 seconds to respond to commands to take control – a figure which would no doubt be significantly longer if they were otherwise occupied.