Young boy stops driver parking so mother can use space


In a video that will no doubt boil the blood of anyone who has tried to park in a busy shopping centre, a young boy was caught reserving a space for his mother – despite her being nowhere near at the time.

As the camera car approaches a blue Mazda CX-3 that is about to leave a parking space, there are no cars ahead.

However, almost immediately after the car starts to reverse, a family appears and attempts to reserve the space for a silver Corolloa that is about to come around the corner.

The family blocks the camera car from entering, despite the driver's protests. At one point, the boy uses his bike to prevent the vehicle from entering the space – only getting out of the way once his mother has successfully parked.

Evidently defeated, the camera car speeds away with the driver mumbling complaints to himself.

Have you experienced something like this when trying to park? Let us know below.