Drivers take to the skies in West Sussex car jumping contest

Daring Drivers Take to the Skies in Car Jumping Contest

Ten adrenaline-seeking drivers took to the skies to take part in a car jumping contest in West Sussex.

The event, which saw the motorists attempting to jump over eight parked cars, saw a variety of vehicles ending up in a much worse state than they had started in.

Paramedics were also on hand to make sure that if the any driver suffered an injury, there was help on hand immediately. Drivers in the event often suffer whiplash, as well as soft tissue damage as a result of the high-impact stunts.

Stuart Pateman, a window cleaner from Surrey, was the driver who was awarded first place in the event. Judges took into account the height of a car's jump, as well as crowd response, before they awarded the title.

Pateman was awarded £50 in prize money, as well as a gold trophy.