Drivers caught on camera performing stunts on LA streets

YouTube Videos Show Drivers Pulling Dangerous 'Sideshow' Stunts On LA Streets

Around 50 people were arrested last month after they were caught performing dangerous car stunts on busy streets in Los Angeles.

The performances, which have been given the name 'sideshows', are done on intersections in the middle of main roads. Traffic is blocked and spectators crowded the area to see the drivers spinning their cars wildly.

Local police forces have been called in to try to stop the dangerous manoeuvres taking place, arresting around 50 people and impounding dozens of cars. The police have undertaken several operations to crack down on the problem, which appears to be spiralling out of control.

Spectators are also facing charges for watching the stunts.

Jackie Burnabay, who works on one of the roads where the 'sideshows' take place, said: "It's normal now, we see it like every week and every day.

"They wait for traffic to stop and then they just do it."