Racing driver performs donuts to start Gumball Rally

Racing Driver Oliver Webb Pulls Donuts as Gumball Rally Kicks Off in Dublin

Professional racing driver Oliver Webb gave visitors to the opening of the Gumball Rally a show by performing a series of donuts on a road in Dublin.

The parade drew in hundreds of spectators who took to the street to watch 120 cars and their drivers setting off on a journey towards Bucharest. The 3,000-mile rally was bound for Edinburgh after Belfast, before making its way through the UK and into mainland Europe.

Webb, behind the wheel of a BAC Mono, decided on Baggot Street in Dublin the perform the move, with a few spectators quickly getting out of the way as the two-seater sports car began spinning.

The annual charity rally features a variety of high-end and performance cars, from a Mercedes-AMG GT-S to a Lamborghini-based 'Batmobile'. The event has already claimed its first car victim, with a Gumpert Apollo supercar spinning off the road. No injuries were reported.