Stansted Airport meet and greet driver sacked for 'ragging around customer's car'

Sean Hopkins, 32 with his car that he left with staff at Stansted Airport.See Masons copy MNSACKED: A Stansted Airport meet-and-greet driver has been sacked for "ragging around" in a holidaymaker's car. Sean Hopkins, 32, got a warning from his insurance company after the box which measures how his Peugeot 108 is driven, clocked a very low score. He was shocked to receive the news after landing back from a holiday in Malaga, and only received an apology after a lengthy exchange of emails.

A 'meet and greet' driver at Stansted Airport has been sacked after the telematics box aboard a customer's car recorded him 'ragging' the vehicle around.

When holidaymaker Sean Hopkins, 32, left the UK on March 18 to travel to Malaga he left his Peugeot 108 with Stansted Airport's Meet and Greet parking service, which is run by external company Empark.

However, while relaxing on his holiday, the accounts assistant received a warning from his insurance company, Direct Line, after the car's onboard electronic box that measures and scores every journey, recorded a very low score that wasn't in keeping with Hopkins' usual driving standards.

On the way to the airport he had recorded a score of 99 out of 100. The following day, scores of 12 and 18 were registered when the car was driven by a company employee, the latter after a journey of just two minutes.

A feedback form issued by the insurance company after the score of 18 read: 'Your score shows you're braking and accelerating frequently throughout your journeys and suggests you may be reacting too late to hazards. This is a risky driving style.'

The insurance company only allows for three warnings per year, and now Hopkins is worried that the employee's thoughtless behaviour will have led to such a warning.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Hopkins said: "It is disgusting and makes you wonder how many other cars they must have been ragging around."

To add insult to injury, when he returned to the UK, the meet and greet company only apologised via email and offered him a free stay for his car.

He continued: "I have just got my refund through from them, but the emails they have been sending to me have been ridiculous.

"They apologised and said they would give me a free park for next time but that just wasn't good enough.

"I would have expected a full refund anyway for poor customer service, but I don't think I'll be getting any compensation."

In response, a spokesperson for Stansted Airport confirmed that the driver in question had been sacked, adding: "Mr Hopkins was offered complimentary parking on his next visit, he was then given a full refund for his booking.

"He was also asked to submit any details from his insurance company and any financial loss if his insurance has gone up as a result of this incident.

"He confirmed he had suffered no loss at this stage so any offer to cover any loss could not be progressed on this basis."