Quad bike rolls off lifting bridge when it opens

Quad Rolls down Lifting Bridge

An unfortunate quadbike rider could do little but watch recently when the all terrain vehicle he had parked on a drawbridge was sent careering off when it began to open.

The incident was caught on camera, with the operator of the bridge's lifting mechanism seemingly unaware of the quad parked right at the end, when the structure begins to move.

As the bridge rises slowly, the ATV holds its ground, but as it nears a 90-degree angle a loud metallic click can be heard before the quad starts to slide down the slope, gathering momentum.

Reaching the end of the lifting section, the quad tumbles off of the end onto the walkway below, landing with a racket upside down.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, although it is not known how badly the four-wheeler was damaged.

The location of the incident is also unknown.