Video shows just how indestructible Volvo's cars are


A video purporting to show the aftermath of a two-car collision has proven something that many of us have suspected for a while – Volvos are indestructible.

The incident reportedly took place recently when a Fiat Seicento rear-ended an XC70 on Poland's A4 motorway, which runs through the south of the country.

As would be expected, the front of the little, yellow Fiat is absolutely destroyed, with its bumper detached and smoke pouring from the engine bay.

However, looking at the back of the Volvo, you'd assume the Seicento's damage was caused by another car, as the crossover has but a few scratches, and no discernible dents.

A voice can be heard in the background despairing at the condition of the Italian supermini, while the owner of the Volvo is believed to be behind the camera.

While the date and location of the incident are unknown, one thing is for certain: Volvos really are the vehicular equivalent of a Nokia mobile phone.