Shocking rant aimed at taxi driver caught on camera


A foul-mouthed man has been caught on camera racially abusing a taxi driver, who is believed to be Muslim, in Cardiff.

Footage covertly recorded on the cabbie's mobile phone begins with the heavily accented man offering to pay his fare of £7.70, before rudely demanding change.

While at first seeming to be just random angry ramblings, the recording takes a dramatic turn at 40 seconds in, when the passenger says to the driver: "if you want to bomb my house, you can."

He continues to insult the driver, telling him that he 'hates people like you'. When the taxi driver questions whether the man is racist, he responds in the affirmative, slurring as he reiterates how much he hates people like the taxi driver.

The red-faced passenger eventually realizes he is being recorded when the taxi driver turns the mobile phone on him and asks his name.

As he leaves the vehicle, his language becomes even more obscene than previously, calling the driver a 'black ****'.

Slamming the vehicle's door he storms off, while continuing to make rude gestures at the cabbie.

Warning: Obscene language in below video.