Porsche driver makes car park error and crashes

Porsche Driver Crashes into Parked Car
An impatient Porsche driver was caught on camera reversing into a parked Suzuki Swift in a car park.

The motorist in question was attempting to get out of a carpark through an automated barrier, when they accidentally floored the accelerator while in reverse.

Flying backwards, the Porsche 911 crunches into the Suzuki parked behind, pushing the smaller car backwards and out of shot. The driver appears to be unharmed, despite the impact of the crash.

Reeling from the accident, it appears that the driver is momentarily too shocked to move before rolling the sports car forwards.

Looking sheepish, they exit the car to survey both cars.

Reports say that the Suzuki suffered damage at both the front and the back, with the coolant tank completely squashed in the accident.

After this incident, the Porsche driver may take a little more time when they exit another car park.