Motorists try to capture runaway dog on Texas highway

Dog on the loose stops traffic on a motorway
A strange video has come to light showing drivers parked stationary on a highway in Texas while they try to catch a runaway dog.

The footage, which was filmed in Houston, shows the incident which occurred last year, but has only just surfaced online.

The people behind the camera can be heard talking about how the dog ended up on the carriageway. They speculate that the animal leapt out of a moving car, and the owners had to stop in order to pick it back up.

One of the men taking the footage can be heard saying: "Well that isn't something you see everyday, a cop and a couple of civilians trying to chase a dog."

The police officer then allows the traffic to creep forward slowly as the dog continues to run down the highway, evading capture for several minutes.

Even at the end of the video, it seems that the dog has managed to escape several of its captors.