Driver tries to stop out-of-control car in Russia


A man was caught on camera desperately trying to save his car from rolling away down a busy road in Russia.

Captured on dash cam, the footage sees the man chasing the car as it swerves towards oncoming traffic. Clinging on to the car's handle, the driver sprints to keep up with the out-of-control car, before being overcome by the weight of the vehicle and dragged along the road.

Although it appears that the driver got away without injury, the less said about his car the better. After leaving his (somewhat limited) control, the blue vehicle drifts across an oncoming lane before crashing heavily into a parked four-wheel-drive. Despite the man's best intentions, it seems that he couldn't do quite enough to avoid a collision occurring.

It is not clear whether or not anyone was sat in the car as it drifted across the road, though it appears that the man could have been speaking to a passenger at one point.