Policeman saves lives after spotting forming sinkhole

China: quick-thinking cop averts potential tragedy as sinkhole appears in busy road
An observant policeman saved countless lives in China after noticing a sinkhole as it began to appear on a busy road in Hangzhou, China.

CCTV was rolling on the section of road in Zhekiang Province, monitoring traffic and highlighting one policeman in charge of directing cars across a busy crossroad.

After spotting cracks appearing in the middle of the road, the officer placed cones around the affected area and diverted traffic around them.

Soon after, the cracks spread and form a circle, with the ground collapsing into a large sinkhole. The hole, which is reported to have been around two metres deep, was easily large enough to swallow multiple cars.

Had the policeman not diverted traffic at the critical moment, this video could have had a far more tragic ending. Thankfully, no casualties were reported despite the size of the sinkhole and the amount of traffic travelling past it.