Track n Go system can turn your 4WD into the ultimate off-roader


An innovative track system can turn an already-capable four-wheel drive vehicle into the ultimate off roader.

Track N Go claims to be the world's first wheel driven track system, and takes only 15 minutes to fit to all four wheels of a 4x4, by driving the car first into the front wheel tracks, and then reversing it into the rear tracks.

The durable and heavy-duty wheel-driven tracks then allow the car to traverse terrain that it would otherwise not be able to, including snow and uneven surfaces. While the product has been around for some time, a video of the system being used has recently exploded on social media.

Ad Boivin Inc., a company that designs and manufacturers products for the motorsport and motor snowsports industries make the system.

To fit the tracks, a car must feature automatic transmission, an automatic diff lock and soft compound winter tyres.