Race driver narrowly misses collision with animal at over 100mph

Race car barely misses collision with animal at 108 miles per hour

A Polish rally team had an incredibly close call recently, when a wild animal darted in front of their car as they sped at 108mph through a narrow forest track.

Driver Marek Bugajski and his co-pilot, Robert Drozdz, were taking part in the 44th Swidnicki Rally on Sunday, April 17 when the large animal ran in front of their Citroen C2 R2 Max.

Onboard footage shows the animal, which appeared to be a deer, come within millimeters of being struck in a collision that would have spelt disaster for both parties.

The rally team were already behind time due to a mechanical failure that had occurred to their car earlier that day, and had only continued with the stage for training purposes.

Despite the incredible near miss, they retained their composure, only swearing briefly as the animal crossed their path.