Motorist caught using laptop at the wheel in London


Photo credit: Lewis Dediare
A driver was caught by a passing cyclist using her laptop while behind the wheel in Central London.

Cyclist Lewis Dediare rode past the woman on Great Portland Street only to find her balancing an Apple laptop on her car's armrest while stopped at a red light.

Noticing her hand scrolling across the computer's trackpad, Dediare confronts the woman.

Asking her why she's using the laptop while behind the wheel, the woman responds: "It's a red light. What I'm doing isn't anything to do with you. It's a red light, just carry on."

Commenting on his video, Dediare said: "As soon as I pulled up next to the car I knew the driver was using a laptop because I could see the silver Apple logo lit up at the back.

"Her argument that because she was at the traffic light she could use it, but that is far from the case. I want her to be sent to driving school."