Man ties 'cheating' wife to car bonnet and drives off


A Costa Rican motorist who believed his wife had cheated on him exacted his revenge by tying her to the bonnet of his car before speeding erratically down a rural road.

Footage of the shocking incident, which was filmed from the roadside, was uploaded onto video-sharing website LiveLeak yesterday, showing the silver car moving along with the woman lying on her front on the bonnet, shouting for help.

As the car passes the recording onlookers, it comes to a brief halt before accelerating off.

The driver's reckless actions affected other road users.

At the start of the video, a black car is seen speeding in the opposite direction, before losing control as it swerved around the fighting couple's car and flipping into a roadside ditch.

It is unclear what became of both the woman tied to the car and the occupants of the crashed saloon.