Seagull launches vicious attack - on its own reflection


Credit: David Gammon
A feisty seagull has been caught on camera launching a vicious attack – on its own reflection in the bumper of a Mercedes.

Filmed by tourist David Gammon while on a visit to the Welsh seaside town of Conwy, it shows the bird emitting a battle cry before pecking at its own reflection.

The bird then repeatedly attacks its own image in the car's bumper, failing to notice that its opponent isn't fighting back.

Gammon can be heard speaking at one point, saying: "He's fighting himself."

The seagull then pauses momentarily, before launching another attack on its unflinching rival. At no point does it appear to realise that his battle partner isn't as real as it seems. Gammon even went on to give the bird a name – Victor.

There are no reports as yet as to whether or not the car sustained any damage from the attack.