Man tries to drive car off tow truck and fails spectacularly


An unfortunate situation turned from bad to worse for an Irish motorist recently, when he attempted to rescue his seized car from the back of a tow truck.

While the reason for the impounding is unclear, it seems that the driver was willing to do anything to rescue his Toyota Avensis and avoid a hefty fine – including getting in the car and reversing it off the flat-bed.

Unfortunately for him, the car was secured with heavy-duty straps and ratchets, and despite his best efforts, the irate driver only succeeded in getting himself into an even stickier situation, with the vehicle launching backwards before coming to a stop balanced on the rear of the truck.

With quite a crowd having gathered to watch and film, the driver tries in vain to free the car from its perch, but the front wheels have no grip on the bed and only manage to send sparks flying.

Shouts of 'get out of the car and push it off' from the onlookers prompt the young driver to hop out and confront two men in high-vis jackets – presumably the truck's drivers.

After a brief shouting match, the driver walks off, as a helpful spectator suggests that he 'will just have to push harder'.