Dump truck topples over on building site

Dump Truck Topples Over

Footage has emerged of the moment a dumper truck topples over while emptying sand from its hydraulic bed.

The video, filmed on a mobile phone earlier this month, shows the truck as it slowly empties its load of sand onto an ever-growing pile behind it.

With the truck already leaning at a precarious angle, more and more sand leaves the back, shifting the remaining load to the side and further unbalancing the truck.

A shout of 'look out, look out, look out, look out' can be heard, as it slowly topples onto its side, landing atop a pile of what appears to be metal panelling and scaffolding, creating an almighty racket.

As other construction workers make their way over to check on the truck's driver, a voice nearby to the camera can be heard exclaiming 'Yeaaaah'.

It is unknown where the incident took place, however the accents of the onlookers suggest that it was somewhere in America.

It is also unknown whether anyone was hurt when the truck fell.