Anniversary Porsche 911 hits the market


Photo credit: Hoefnagels
A special edition Porsche 911 has hit the market, bringing with it a hefty price tag.

The 50th Anniversary 911 was launched in 2013, to celebrate Porsche's birthday. Limited to just 1,963 units, it came with a host of historically-inspired styling cues.

Fitted with Fuchs alloy wheels and green labelling throughout, the 50th Anniversary model was designed to highlight some of the major design touches that had graced the 911 throughout its production.

Inside, retro style tartan fabric and white instrument needles echo the features that were seen on the very first 911. To remind the driver of just how special the car is, '50' badges are dotted almost everywhere in both the interior and on the exterior. Stitching on the headrests of both seats further emphasises exactly which model this 911 is.

Anniversary Porsche 911 hits the market

Anniversary Porsche 911 hits the market

When it first went on sale, the 911 50th Anniversary cost just over £87,000. However now, this figure has jumped to an incredible £165,000. This will undoubtedly be down to the car's limited numbers, but also attributed to this model's extremely low mileage at just 2,600.

It also comes fitted with a variety of optional extras. A Burmester audio system is included, as well as a glass sliding-tilting roof. The car also features Active Suspension Management, and a full sports exhaust. Almost double its original value, this 911 costs more than many of Porsche's newest cars on sale today. Would you choose this over a factory-fresh model?