Angry Land Rover driver blocks country lane in bus stand off


An unlikely stand off between a bus and a Land Rover occurred on a country lane recently, after the stubborn motorist refused to move off the road to allow the larger vehicle to pass.

A video of the incident, filmed on the bus driver's on-board CCTV shows him driving along the unidentified road, passing a wide driveway entrance just as the Land Rover appears in the distance.

The pair meet further along the road, alongside another drive entrance on the 4x4's side of the road. However, instead of moving over and allowing the bus to pass, he stops his car, climbs out and approaches the bus to confront the driver.

An argument ensues, with the motorist telling the bus driver he should have allowed him to pass, to which the bus driver rightly informs him that slowing and stopping the heavy vehicle takes a while.

After a short to-and-fro shouting match, the irate driver returns to his silver 4x4, before changing his mind and returning to demand the bus' tag number in order to report him.

With a passenger agreeing to be a witness to the incident, the bus driver shrugs off the threats as the driver returns to his car and moves it out of the way to allow the bus to pass.