Learner driver who threatened to kill instructor could face jail


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A learner driver who threatened to kill his instructor after he failed halfway through his test could face jail.

Antony Kevin Alltree (pictured above), 25, from Nelson, Lancashire, verbally abused his examiner John Williams and driving instructor Kennet Spencer before chasing the pair down the road upon realising he had failed his test.
According to The Telegraph, examiner of ten years Mr Williams was so shaken by the incident that he cancelled the day's remaining tests and now locks all of the doors and windows when he gets home through fear of a revenge attack.

Burnley Magistrates Court heard how Alltree lost his temper after Mr Williams stopped him entering a roundabout by applying the dual brakes during the test, which started at 8am on February 9 this year.

According to reports by The Express, the court heard that when Alltree realised he had failed his test, he verbally argued with the instructor who then told him to pull up at the side of the road.

Alltree proceeded to fly into a fit of rage, getting out of the car and slamming the doors, exclaiming, "You would not have done that if you knew who I was."

Driving instructor Kenneth Spencer, who had been sat in the back of the car during the examination, got out in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

But magistrates were told Alltree shouted: "All I have to do is make one phone call and you are both dead. I will kill you."

Prosecuting, Tracy Yates said Alltree banged on the car and carried on shouting abuse at the men, chasing the car on foot as Mr Williams drove back towards the driving test centre.

Mr Williams and Mr Spencer then explained how colleagues spotted Alltree at test centre in Cobden Street later that day. The police were promptly called.

Officers attending the scene said Alltree was in an agitated state but denied making threats towards both the examiner and driving instructor.

He told police: "I just called him a p**** and told him I would kick his head in."

Alltree admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Defending, Graeme Parkinson said his client had anger management issues and also suffered from ADHD and dyslexia.

According to Parkinson, his client accepts he handled the situation badly but claims he only returned to the test centre to retrieve his provisional licence, which he was fearful of losing. But he said it wasn't until later he realised it had been in his jacket pocket throughout.

Alltree, who is unemployed and cares full-time for his partner, has nine previous convictions for offences including assault, disorderly behaviour and dishonesty.

The case was adjourned until April 25 for a pre-sentence report and Alltree was given unconditional bail.