Guitar-strumming driver strikes a bum note in Australia


New South Wales Police Force/Facebook

An image of a motorist strumming an acoustic guitar while behind the wheel of his car on one of Sydney's busiest motorways has been used to raise awareness of distracted driving by the New South Wales Police Force.

The image, which clearly shows a driver playing an acoustic guitar while behind the wheel, was posted to the Force's Facebook page recently with the accompanying text: "Whilst we don't condone the use of a mobile phone whilst driving, the driver of silver car can clearly be seen strumming a guitar as he drives along the M5 Motorway this morning.
"This type of irresponsible dangerous driving is shocking and will not be tolerated on our roads."

However, hordes of Facebook followers queued up to offer their opinion, with many blasting the lorry driver for taking the photo while behind the wheel in the first place.

Nicholas Cox said: "I do love it how the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force never mind posting pictures taken by drivers of vehicles, whilst driving.

"I thought we didn't condone the use of devices while driving?"

New South Wales Police Force Facebook

Others sided with the Carlos Santana wannabe, claiming that the traffic on the M5 is so bad, it forces motorists to find alternative ways to entertain themselves.

Facebook user Matt Percival said: "Oh please, it's the M5. Chances are he was stuck in the always typical (sic) long stationary delays and played the guitar for amusement."

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force uses social media to interact with local motorists and regularly makes them aware of incidents or patrols in the area.

The Facebook page has attracted nearly 250,000 Likes and the often tongue-in-cheek posts regularly receive high volumes of interaction.