Dying car battery makes seriously catchy tune



A dead or dying car battery is no laughing matter. It typically means a late arrival to work or school, a call to the breakdown services and a potential wait in the rain and cold.

However, the malfunctioning car battery in this video served as inspiration to create the latest dance track for one canny bystander.
YouTube user Guamu from an undisclosed location in the USA recorded the footage and decided the odd alarm noise would actually create the perfect basis for a dance tune.

The video states: "I think someones (sic) car battery was dying and the alarm started flipping out. It started to grow on me..."

Guamu then drops a drumbeat over the alarm soundtrack and manages to create an annoyingly catchy tune. The video has so far received nearly 728,000 views and has spawned a separate, extended version of the track.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.