Driver performs doughnuts in Hollywood during police chase

Car does 'doughnuts' in high-speed Hollywood chase

Two men suspected of burglary led police on a dramatic chase along Hollywood Boulevard – even stopping to take selfies and perform doughnuts on the way.

Showboating for both the cameras and passers-by, the men led officers on the chase for over an hour and a half.

Police held back for some time, apparently ordered to give the men some space as neither were strapped into the car. Officers had been initially investigating a robbery after being given a description of two men driving a blue Ford Mustang.

Crowds were standing by to cheer the men on as they raced down Hollywood Boulevard, with the pair pumping their fists in celebration.

At one point they stop – before being quickly descended upon by bystanders wanting to take selfies with them.

Eventually, the two men pulled to a stop at a curb in south Los Angeles, chatting with fans while waiting for the officers to catch up with them.

Neither put up a fight when police arrived, walking towards the patrol cars with their hands behind their backs.