Driver makes crazed overtake in Teesside


A motorist in Teesside was caught overtaking another driver on a busy road by travelling up the grass embankment at the side of the highway.

Driver Chris Clough captured the crazed driver making the manoeuvre while travelling along Yarm Back Lane near Stockton.

Before long, Clough came face-to-face with a Skoda completing an overtake on the grass bank on the wrong side of the road.

It appears that the white Skoda Yeti made no attempt to slow down while on the grass.

Clough told the Daily Mail: "My heart stopped momentarily, and then when I realised he was just going to whizz past I felt relief.

"My next thought was 'what a plonker'. It was pretty crazy driving. I was quite shook up by it to be honest.

"The road is quite well known for speed. There are one or two places though where it can really catch people out, especially if they don't know the road well.

"If he had hit us head-on like that there would have been dead people. It's not nice to think about."