Motorist is thrown from car in dramatic high-speed crash

Officer Saves Driver Following Dramatic Crash

Shocking footage captured from a police officer's car in Missouri shows the moment a driver is flung from his vehicle after crashing heavily into the motorway's central reservation.

Officer Chris Golubski was trying to pull over the car for a traffic violation. However, the driver chose to accelerate away. The increase in speed caused the car to begin to fishtail wildly, swerving from left to right on the busy highway.

Eventually, the driver loses control completely and hits the central reservation. As the car goes up into the air, the man behind the wheel is thrown up and out of the vehicle. The footage highlights the moment the man heads violently into the sky.

Officer Golubski managed to run towards the car after the accident, and began giving the driver CPR.

Despite the severity of the incident, the driver – Michael Hunter Moore – is said to be in hospital and making a full recovery.