Driver narrowly avoids wildfire in Oklahoma


A machinery driver had a narrow escape after leaping from his vehicle moments before it was engulfed in flames during a wildfire in Oklahoma.

Captured on dashcam, the footage shows a raging fire spreading quickly along the camera's line of vision.

Before long, it becomes apparent that a man is trapped inside a road grader at the side of the highway, waiting as the flames advance.

The man and woman sat in the camera car shout at the man to hurry, noticing the blaze getting ever-closer.

Thankfully, the man exits the vehicle and sprints towards the waiting car. In a flash, the driver puts the vehicle into reverse and sprints away from the approaching blaze.

The two people in the car were actually members of a news crew, who were out capturing footage of the fire in Woods County.

Authorities in Oklahoma are asking residents of Freedom, a town near to the blaze, to evacuate as the blaze is rapidly heading towards them. Reports say that the fire has already burned through around 20 square miles of land so far.