Hyundai announces plans to build cars that can fix themselves


South Korean manufacturer Hyundai has presented its technological development plans for the future, which includes cars that will be able to diagnose and fix issues on their own.

Information from the firm states that the "smart maintenance service will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues before they become apparent", meaning drivers could be stopping less for problems in the future.

However this innovation could spell the end for mechanics, as the car will be able to detect the problem on its own before it manifests and causes the car to break down.

This was released as part of a 'Connected Car Development' plan, which drew up other ideas, with various timescales based on how technology is advancing.

The self-fixing car is further down the road, but the company's early focus will be on technologies related to smartphone connectivity and Smart Home services that will help to create a base to build on for future development.

The immediate future for Hyundai is connecting cars on the road and changing the way that drivers interact with their vehicles, which will help pave the way to the automated driving of the future.

Further down the line, autonomous car development will be a concern for Hyundai, as with other car companies, as development of the motoring industry leans further towards self-driving cars.

Hyundai aim to also help develop road infrastructure, with Smart Traffic being one of their future projects that will help to reduce congestion, speed up journeys and help keep social costs down with less damage to road surfaces.

Author: Jack Healy