The Queen's Bentley Mulsanne is up for sale on Auto Trader


Ever fancied yourself as royalty? Well, here's your chance to take a ride in their car.

A Bentley Mulsanne used by the Queen has gone up for sale on car auction site Auto Trader, and with its impressive heritage, impeccable condition and low mileage it's unlikely to remain available for very long – despite the asking price of almost £200,000.

First registered in February 2012, the Mulsanne boasts a 6.75-litre petrol engine, which puts out more than 500bhp, and can accelerate to 60mph in just over five seconds.

It is capable of a top speed of 184mph, but it is doubtful that this has ever been tested as the car's primary use was transporting the Queen between official functions, such as her first cabinet meeting with PM David Cameron in 2012, and during her diamond jubilee celebrations.

Fitted especially for use by the Queen between 2012 and 2014, the model boasts several upgrades including 21-inch classic alloy wheels, walnut burr-veneered picnic tables, door panels and rear-quarter vanity mirrors.

The Queen’s Bentley Mulsanne is up for sale on Auto Trader

The Queen’s Bentley Mulsanne is up for sale on Auto Trader

While in use by the Queen, the Mulsanne drove less than 5,000 miles, and to date has only covered 5,826.

The British Racing Green Bentley's satnav even has "Windsor" programmed in as its home address.

Offered by a dealership in Bramley, Surrey, for £199,850, the Bentley really is one of a kind. However, it is the car's prestige that any buyer would be paying for, as models of a similar spec and year can be found for up to £90,000 less.