Woman makes miraculous escape after car somersaults


A driver in Wales was lucky to escape with minor injuries after the car they were in lurched off the road and somersaulted numerous times before crashing to the ground.

The footage, which was captured on dashcam by Norman Drinkwater, sees the driver career up an embankment between Trefnant and St Asaph in Denbighshire.

After hitting the bank, the car spins upside down and collides with the side of Drinkwater's car. Thankfully, neither Drinkwater nor the woman behind the wheel of the car in questioned sustained any serious injuries.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Drinkwater said: "I was driving towards Trefnant when I saw a car lose control right in front of me – it was a terrifying sight.

"I passed by as the car was spinning in mid air to the side of me.

"It hit my car as it landed.

"I stopped and called the ambulance and the lady was taken to hospital as a precaution. She is a local lady and I spoke to her husband later on and he told me they thought she may have injured her back but she was allowed home an hour later."