ATV driver has lucky escape after head-on collision with car

Guy popping wheelie on ATV results in head-on collision

An ambitious ATV rider found that his skills had overtaken sense recently, when a wheelie stunt sent him careering into an oncoming car.

The incident, which was caught on camera by lifestyle and travel photographer Atticus Radley, reportedly took place in Waterbury, Connecticut and incredibly the t-shirt and shorts wearing rider walked away from the collision unharmed.

In the video the young rider can be seen approaching the pick-up from where the footage in being shot, on his back wheels. While maintaining eye contact with the camera, he moves to overtake the truck, drifting into the oncoming lane as he does so.

As the quad's front wheels return to the floor, the biker's gaze returns to the road, and he spots the oncoming saloon too late to avoid the collision.

The resulting impact sends him catapulting through the air, while the ATV flies into the path of his pursuing friends, who luckily manage to avoid it.

How the man was not seriously injured is anyone's guess, however it's unlikely that he will pull a similar stunt anytime soon.