Woman launches furious attack on car in Wiltshire


A shocked onlooker caught a bizarre attack on camera yesterday in a residential street in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Filmed from an overlooking house, the video shows an auburn-haired woman sat on top of a red Peugeot 106XT and frantically scrabbling at the windscreen wipers, before leaping to her feet and attempting to stomp through the 22-year-old vehicle's sunroof.

The vehicle's assailant, believed to be known to the driver of the car, almost manages to break through the pane of glass as the car's roof buckles beneath her feet.

When she eventually abandons the attack and sits down on the car, the driver speeds off, sending the young woman tumbling to the floor, causing her minor injuries.

Police later attended the scene and are reportedly treating the incident as a 'domestic', however the cause remains unknown.