Over 3,000 people queue up for jobs at Aston Martin

More than 3,000 people queued for a job with luxury car-maker Aston Martin - just miles from the closure-threatended Tata steelworks.  Job-hunters flooded to a recruitment day for the James Bond car-maker before it opens its new plant in South Wales.  The high-powered British firm is opening a new factory in 18 months in a giant hangar at RAF St Athan near Barry, South Wales.  WALES NEWS SERVICE
More than 3,000 people queued up in attempt to secure a job with Aston Martin, at its new plant located near to the now under threat Port Talbot steel works.

Aston Martin is due to open the plant in around 18 months' time, and held a recruitment day to find 750 people required to staff it.

With applicants queuing two hours ahead of the 11am start to the event, many of the day's organisers were shocked by the number of people that were showing interest in the positions.

The queue comes in the face of an announcement by Tata steel that it is planning to sell its loss-making plants located in the UK, endangering thousands of jobs and putting workers and their families in a precarious position.

Phil Humphries, one of those attending the day, told the Daily Mail: "It would be great to see luxury cars being made here because things are looking so bad for the steelworkers."

Over 3,000 people queue up for jobs at Aston Martin

Over 3,000 people queue up for jobs at Aston Martin

Aston Martin are opening the plant to build its upcoming DBX crossover. The company was holding a recruitment drive to find build technicians, leather trimmers, sewing machinists and paint sprayers.

Hazel Martin, Aston Martin HR boss, told the paper: "We have had over 3,000 people looking for work ranging from apprentices waiting to start their career to more experienced personnel and the quality of candidates has been excellent."

The new site, located in St Athan, beat more than 20 locations across the globe for the contract. Production of the DBX is reported to begin in 2020.