New Zealand transport authority releases awkward phone-free advert


The transport agency for New Zealand has dreamt up a brilliantly awkward advertisement for the safe use of mobile phones in cars.

Entitled 'Hello', the advert encourages drivers to consider their own and their passengers' safety and avoid using their mobile phone while driving.

A number of driving situations are backed by a soft soundtrack of Lionel Richie, and in each the driver's mobile phone receives a notification.

As the driver absent-mindedly reaches to pick up their mobile phone, the front seat passenger slides their hand in the way, resulting in a gentle, and somewhat awkward handhold.
An equally awkward stare from the passenger follows the contact.

The transport agency's message concludes the video, stating: 'Put me first. Drive phone free.'

Since being uploaded onto YouTube earlier this week, the video has amassed over one million views. The agency plans to follow it up with a radio campaign.