Man fights off police chase suspect who tried to steal his motorbike


An American army veteran fought off a hit-and-run suspect who tried to steal his motorcycle while running from the police.

Brandon Jenkins was at a set of traffic lights near Phoenix, Arizona, when a man ran up behind him and attempted to take his Suzuki GSXR600, throwing it to the ground in the process.

However, former combat specialist Jenkins, who had served in Afghanistan wasn't ready to give up his wheels without a fight.

Despite the suspect managing to pick up and climb astride the GSXR, he was thwarted by Jenkins and soon gave up the struggle, returning to a nearby truck he had previously stolen and speeding off, driving over the bike as he made his getaway.

The bike was heavily damaged in the incident last Thursday, but after starting a GoFundMe campaign to fix the bike, Jenkins was presented with a new one by Kawasaki.

Money raised by the campaign will instead be used to cover the road fees for the new bike, with the remainder going towards the owner of the stolen pick-up.