Dog caught on camera beeping horn after being left in car


A frustrated pooch left in a car for too long took matters into its own paws in an effort to attract his owner's attention.

The video, uploaded onto YouTube by user Robert Filacchione, shows the comical moment the dog goes mad in the front of the car, barking and beating the horn of the white Scion.

While the fluffy white canine succeeds in getting noticed, it does not get the response that it desired. As the pet becomes increasingly vocal, its owner stands in front of the car filming and giggling.

Since being uploaded on Tuesday, the video has been viewed almost 20,000 times, with users commenting hilarious suggestions on what the dog could be saying.

This is not the first video to have surfaced online showing an impatient hound. An 18-month-old Boxer was recently filmed leaning back in the driver's seat of a vehicle, repeatedly pressing the horn.